Lights, Camera, Curtis!

curtis single
Curtis Reed Reed is our other host and does he ever bring the funny! Curtis brings playful banter, quick wit, and of course talent to Music City corner.What you may not know is that Curtis is also involved heavily in theater. Just after a couple months of moving to Nashville, he was recruited by Mel’ O Drama Theater in where he writes, acts and directs.

He is involved with Sabre Entertainment as part of the Nash Pack. Street Theatre Company is also another institution which utilizes the many talents of Curtis Reed. We are very thankful to have him as one of the hosts of Music City Corner. Currently Curtis is working on the following productions:

Acting in Gaslight Dinner Theatre’s production of “A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline” that will be running from June 4th through June 13th.

Directing and performing in the Hatfield/McCoy Wedding Reception with Mel O’ Drama Theater which will show during the months of June and July.

Directing the Big Bad Musical with Street Theatre Company as part of their ClassACTS Dramatic Summer Youth Program.

Performing with the Nash Pack at Chaffins Barn Backstage Juen 26th and 28th.

Be sure to catch all that Curtis is involved with in the coming months. Here is a sneak peek video during one of the rehearsals for Hatfield/McCoy Wedding Reception

Video Courtesy of Mel Roady