Hello NECAT!

We are so glad to announce that we are now broadcasting locally in Nashville!

After our first four episodes were submitted just a little over a month ago, there was a lengthy review process each of the episodes had to pass; and they did!

The papers have been signed and the I’s have been dotted. Music City Corner will now broadcast locally in Nashville on on a couple of Nashville Education, Community, and Arts Television (NECAT) networks. Music City Arts and Nashville Public Access will be airing our content (see below for days and times).

This is going to give us a great advantage to expand our local audience and reach those who may not have access to the internet to view our content. Our content will still be the same as you would view on the website, but with just a couple changes.

*Due to broadcast regulations, our content has been edited down to meet criteria
*Double header episodes (those episodes that last longer than half an hour), will be split up into two separate episodes.

We are proud to join the NECAT family of programming and to expand our reach!

Local Listings (Nashville Area Only):
Music City Arts (Comcast Channel 9 and U-Verse Channel 99- Select From Menu)

  • Sunday 12:00am
  • Tuesday 3:30pm
  • Thursday 8:00pm

Access Nashville (Comcast Channel 19 and U-Verse Channel 99-Select From Menu)

  • Monday 11:30pm
  • Saturday 3:30am

To find out more about NECAT click here.