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Season 1 Finale Episode

Episode 9: Ashley Coughlin, Jessica Ridley, Street Theatre Company

Episode 8: Hicks, Guitar Pics, and Magic Tricks

Episode 7: Deborah G, LA Crowder and WFE!

Click here for more information on WIFT (Women in Film and Television), Lauren Crowder and World Fiddle Ensemble.

Episode 6 (Double Header)

All links can be found on the individual videos in the interviews section.

Episode 5: Hear Hear Band and David Colón

Check out more of Hear Hear Band by clicking here Check out more from Motion Poet Productions Small Town Fair here

Episode 4: Seek First Productions and Morgan Myles

Check out more of Seek First Productions here Check out more of Road to Nashville here

Episode 3: Spenser Fritz and Clint Alphin

Check out more of Cecil here Check out more of Clint Alphin here

Episode 2: Nash Pack, Ricky Lynne, and Chazz Williams

To learn more about Sabre Entertainment and the Nash Pack click here To learn more about Chazz Williams click here

Episode 1: Mel Roady and Kirstie Lane

  For more information on Mel O’Drama, please click here to visit http://melodramatheater.org. For more information on Kirstie Lane, click here to visit KirstieLane.com, or click here to visit her […]

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