Music City Corner is an entertainment talk show that is structured in a interview/performance format. The show recruits local artists in and around the Nashville area to offer a unique opportunity. Artists who appear on the show get to share their story, their passion, and the reason behind what they do.

While Music City Corner primarily focuses on the musical talent (hence the title of the show), the show does not discriminate against other art forms. The dictionary defines an artist as “a person skilled at a particular task or occupation”.

Whether you are a singer, songwriter, dancer, author, painter, etc… Music City Corner offers an outlet for these voices to be heard.

The show is filmed locally in Nashville and is also broadcasted on public access. However, if you are not a Nashville local we have made the show available on our YouTube Channel for everyone to enjoy as well as on the website. If you are a Nashville local and want information on where and when to watch, you can also click here